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Focused on preserving the singular virtues of the leaf. Production of Green Tea Orthodox is the main product that we produce to procure the essential ingredient for Indonesia's Heritage Jasmine Tea.

We believe that every kind of Tea leaves posses more potential than what has been explored.

Therefore, we invited some of World Class Tea Masters to visit our tea farm. The emerging technique have brought us many unique have brought us many unique teas that revealed tea leaves deeper unique character.

Speciality Tea Grade

Organic Black Tea

Organic Black tea is our award-winning tea last year 2018 from AVPA France with Gourmet tea award, and the 2019 Japan tea Festival, 3-star award, is made from Assamica varietals, Organic Black Tea refreshingly offers more of its flavors. The dry leaves smell fascinatingly complex with fleeting top notes of Chinese hawthorn candy, middle notes of dark chocolate, and the vegetal pungency of finely sliced tobacco leaves at the core.

When brewed using the gongfu method, the results flaunts chocolatey and malty flavors in the first infusion, earthy, somewhat betel leaf-like flavors in the second infusion and hints of golden syrup in the third and subsequent infusions, all of which are in a state of converging and thus making it a tea with well-balanced flavors.

Judiciously stronger brewing leads to a stronger body and pleasant, chewable tannins. Four-minute immersion brewing produces a flavorful, bold, and well-balanced tea with marked tobacco and dark chocolate flavors and very subtle hints of golden syrup.

The line for Premium Black tea comes with:

Awards won for Organic Black tea:

2018 - France AVPA Gourmet Award
2019 -  Japan Tea Festival ⭑⭑⭑ Award

Organic Green Tea

Bukit Sari Organic Green tea is fresh Green, sweet aroma, best to be brewed using traditional Chinese Gongfucha. The tea offers a sensation of freshness, fruity and sweet, while impactful in polyphenols. 

The refreshing fruity and fresh accents arouse a couple of seconds after brewed-it's what will remind us of the area where this Highland Premium tea is originated.The line for Premium Green tea comes with:

Organic Silver Needle White Tea 

Bukit Sari Organic Silver Needle White tea has won 3 awards from world wide tea competition, starting with  2015 winner of Golden Leaf award Australia for the Best Organic tea, 2019 Golden leaf Award Australia for Best White Tea and the latest is 2022 Gold Winner Golden Leaf Award Australian tea Master. 

The tea communities and boutiques much praise the tea all around the world for its sweet, strong fruity taste. Best brewed by using the European method, the tea brews full-body deliciously sweet. 

Best when served using cold brew method with the tea brewed in chilled condition and slowly releasing all its aroma and taste. The fragrance lingers lastly at the last sip when the cold-brewed polyphenol does its magic with the help of body heat — a great candidate for Summer Drinks.

Awards won for Organic White tea Silver Needle:

2015 - Best Organic tea
Australian Tea Master Golden Leaf Awards
2019 - Best White Tea
Australian Tea Master Golden leaf Award
2022 - Gold Winner White Tea Category
Australian Tea Master Golden leaf Award

Organic Imperial Black Tea

An award-winning tea praised by a lot of awards in 2018; Golden Leaf Award (Australian tea master) for Best Organic tea and Japan tea Festival 3 stars awards and 2019 Bronze Tea winner during AVPA 2019 Teas Of The World Bronze Award in Noir Tea Category and the latest 2022 Australian tea Master Golden leaf Award

Imperial Black Tea is Best The traditional Chinese gongfu method was used to make this beer. The tea emits a fragrance of dried plumeria that transforms into fresh canary yellow plumeria and dried osmathus. Floral and sweet aroma emits from the  tea, it has a deep floral flavor with a honey-like sensation and umami mouthfeel.

Awards won for Organic Imperial Black tea:

2018 - Best Organic tea Australian Tea Master Golden Leaf Awards
       Japan Tea Festival ⭑⭑⭑ Award
2019 - France AVPA Bronze Award

2022 - Silver winner Black tea Category
Australian Tea Master Golden leaf Award

Organic Jasmine Tea

Made traditionally from the infusing blooming of 2 types of Jasmine Flower repeatedly, our Jasmine tea is made from 100% Green tea with a Traditional production method that has been passed down through generation. With the expertise in the production of this variety. We applied the knowledge and created the Natural Organic Jasmine Tea. Indonesian Jasmine Tea is strong in flavour, has complex aromatic flavour and has a bold taste.

Herb Product:

Organic Lemongrass

Straight from the heart of nature, our lemongrass is grown with care in the lush landscapes of Bukit Sari, It's bursting with natural flavor and aroma. Whether you're sipping a calming tea, adding a bit of zest to your recipes and tea blends, or enjoying its holistic benefits, our Organic Lemongrass promises a journey of pure refreshment and vitality.

Organic Tumeric

Harnessing the Power of Nature's Golden Spice! Cultivated using traditional methods and enriched by the fertile soils of Bukit Sari, our Organic Turmeric embodies the essence of Indonesian heritage. Handcrafted with care, each vibrant root carries the legacy of generations, offering a potent blend of flavor and wellness. 

With its bold taste, complex aromatic notes our Turmeric promises a journey of pure indulgence and natural vitality. Experience the richness of Indonesian Turmeric, where tradition meets purity in every golden hue.

Organic Red Ginger

Nature's Fiery Elixir, Cultivated with reverence for traditional methods and nurtured by the fertile soils of Bukit Sari, our Organic Red Ginger encapsulates the essence of Indonesian culture.  With its aromatic and invigorating taste, coupled with an the spiciness that awakens the senses