Our Journey

Bukit Sari Tea Plantation, spanning 1,400 hectares in West Java Province, embodies a legacy of sustainability and excellence. Certified organic since 2007, our commitment to nature's purity is evident in every sip of our tea.

Bukit Sari tea Plantation nestled in the picturesque landscapes of West Java Province. Spanning over 1,400 hectares (3459.47 acres) of organically certified highlands, our plantation boasts a rich heritage dating back to the 1920s during the Dutch Colonialization era in Indonesia.

At Bukit Sari, we hold deep reverence for our heritage and culture, which inspires our commitment to sustainable organic farming practices. Since 2007, we have been proudly certified organic, with over twelve years of dedicated adherence to organic principles. Our ethos of "Nature Pure Sustainable" drives us to continually strive for excellence in producing high-quality tea while preserving the natural environment.

One of the unique features of our plantation is the abundant fresh mountain spring water that flows year-round, nourishing our farms and lending potential for harnessing electricity through a micro-hydropower generator. This natural abundance not only sustains our operations but also serves as a testament to the harmonious relationship between nature and agriculture.

Our mission extends beyond producing exceptional tea; we aim to share the natural organic goodness of Bukit Sari with the world. Through the application of green and sustainable technologies, we are dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship and supporting local communities.

Join us on our journey as we continue to cultivate excellence, uphold tradition, and promote sustainability at Bukit Sari Tea Plantation. Experience the taste of nature's pure essence in every sip of our organically grown teas, and embark on a journey of discovery through the lush landscapes of West Java.

Sustainable Tea Farming

Well-balanced and conserved Bio-Diversity in a perfect life cycle. It is a critical factor for Integrated Organic Farming to succeed. This includes the works of keeping huge conservation, population controls, avoid over-harvesting, managing invasive species, and minimizing pollutions. We are improving the relationship between Farmers and processing factories, by upscaling and improving fairness and Good Agricultural Practice (GAP).

Companion planting and the application of local herbs & aromatic plants as natural repellents in controlling the pest. Manures from the farm livestock are processed for compost for cops. 

Conserving the fresh, natural mountain spring water power which is flowing from our conservation areas to hydropower for in farm electricity.

Pure Tea Product

In Bukitsari, we strive to make the best potential that the tea product can represent its origin.

Starts from freshly picked tea leaves which are picked by hand and meticulously transported to the plants for further processing.

In the factory, we patiently wait for the withering process and the process of the tea with semi-automatic Orthodox method.

Bukit Sari chooses the Orthodox method as this method is the best method that can bring the brisk, bright, and multi-layered taste of the tea.

Our certified organic teas are pure in character and exceptional in flavour.


To lead the global movement towards sustainable living by crafting exquisite organic Tea products at Bukit Sari Tea Plantation. Inspire a conscious shift towards organic consumption, enriching lives and preserving nature for generations to come.


To expand our product to include a range of Speciality teas, herbal and aromatic products, enriching our customers' experience with nature's bounty. 

Dedication to enhancing integration within our sustainable organic farming system, ensuring harmony between cultivation practices and environmental stewardship.

Our Plantation :

Plantation Address:

Kp. Sarilamping RT. 003, RW. 009

Karangjaya Pasir Kuda

Kab. Cianjur

West Java

Certified by:

Latitude: 7°10'45.97"S 

Longitude: 107°15'8.06"E